Properly Trained Service Dog

“I already own a Service Dog” That’s GREAT News. If you already own a service dog, let FK9sH design a curriculum tailored to your needs and busy life style. Curriculum’s to reinforce your service dog’s current skills as well as your own. Then teaching your service dog and you new skills or tasks. FK9sH strongly recommends if your service dog does not have a Canine Good Citizen (CGC) and a Community Canine (CGCA) obtaining one will benefit your service dog and yourself. CGC and CGCA is a fundamental part of a properly trained service dog.

  • Ever curriculum differs for ever individual and service dog, Pricing on curriculum’s depend on the over all evaluation of your service dog and your individual task training desires. Contact FK9sH via email or call 808-557-1385 for further details and information. All information received to evaluate your service dog is keep confidential.

“Does a Service Dog need to be Certified?” No, There is no federal, state, county certification for service dogs.

“Advantage of Enrolling in a Service Dog Program” The advantage of enrolling in a service dog program with a certified professional canine trainer and behavioral specialist is that it will eliminate 99% of hassles and confrontations from the general public. Building confidence in your service dogs abilities and in your handler skills. You’ll be able to heel your service dog into a public establishment secure and confident knowing your service dog and you have had the proper training. Nothing can replace the peace of mind and security you will receive from FK9sH Service Dog Program.

“The Primary Goal of FK9sH Service Dog Program” Is to bring the use of a service dog to those who could use help in their every day life. To give hope to those in the disability community here on the Big Island, establishing fuller lives and more independent one’s. Providing a properly trained service dog of their highest quality at a low affordable cost. Tasks customized to the individual needs of the person with the disability. Not all disabilities need the same tasks training. FK9sH carefully evaluate each dog prior to selection. Only the dogs that pass an evaluation become candidates and graduate from FK9sH Service Dog Program. Once fully trained, the dogs are able to assist disabled individuals to accomplish daily tasks that would otherwise be impossible. Establishing a stronger bond between the handler and service dog through a certified professional canine trainer and behavioral specialist’s techniques and tools. The Service Dog’s trust, devotion, and desire to please will follow.

Focused K9’s Hawaii’s Service Dog Program requirements have been reviewed and acknowledge to meet a standard for a properly trained Service Dogs in our community here on the Big Island

Contact us via email  or call 808-557-1385  for more information and pricing

Focused K9’s Hawaii’s Service Dog Program has been  Reviewed by the ADA /Human Resource Department of Hawaii County and County of Oahu, Disability Services Department of University of Hawaii Hilo, The Hawaii Island Humane Society, Mary Buckley, and Dr. Wagner-Wright