Bear’s Aggressive Behavior Improves

We contacted Chance after much (two years) frustration with our dog Bear behaving aggressively towards other dogs, whether it was when he was in the car and would see them on the street, or when they walked past our property, or anywhere, for that matter. He has his particular friends he enjoys, and he is friendly towards people, but he seems to be very upset at other dogs for some reason we do not understand, since we raised him since he was a small puppy and he has never been exposed to aggression by us. Under the professional guidance of Chance, Bear has made huge progress. We are so much more ‘connected’ with our dog now, he looks to us to affirmation and guidance, and he understands that he need not bark and growl in the car at the dogs in the neighborhood he does not like when we are driving (which is amazing). He listens to and responds to simple commands that he previously ignored, even when treats are not involved, and he obeys his clicker most of the time. We were stunned and amazed when we did a session with Chance and he was able to not only bring his pup onto our property (o.m.g.), but also onto Bear’s porch (O.M.G.) and Bear did not freak out. That was incredible. He is learning how to read situations correctly and respond appropriately instead of going bananas all the time. He does need reminders and continued training but that is our job, and we will remember that 🙂 We are so very thankful that we found Chance, who came highly recommended to us by other friends who had nothing but fabulous things to say about him. We are also so glad to know we will have a place to board our dog now that he has had this training. We highly, highly recommend this training for your dog if your dog is aggressive, Chance knows his stuff and can make a huge difference in your life!