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Old English Bulldog and Pomeranian

I feel so fortunate that Chance came into my families lives. He brought wisdom and patience as well as a wonderful loving spirit. He truly is doing the job he was meant to do. The first session I thought he would be training our dogs Frankie and Samoa. It was us(the family) that needed the […]

Bear’s Aggressive Behavior Improves

We contacted Chance after much (two years) frustration with our dog Bear behaving aggressively towards other dogs, whether it was when he was in the car and would see them on the street, or when they walked past our property, or anywhere, for that matter. He has his particular friends he enjoys, and he is […]

Prey Drive and Making The Right Choice

During the Summer 2014 we started working with Chance to help us with Pepper’s prey drive towards other animals (mostly our chickens and ducks, but it carries over to others). I like that he comes to our house with his demo dogs and sees what the problem is first-hand. Not only could we watch the […]

Working Together

Chance has worked with my dog Nya and I on a few of her issues such as overexcitement when people came to the house, pulling on the leash during walks, and most recently addressing prey drive she exhibited toward ducks on the property where we live. Not only is he extremely effective at finding the […]

Baby’s New Buddy

Baby’s New Buddy We adopted Tucker from the humane society when he was 3 months old. After a few months, he started displaying unwanted behaviors and it only seemed that it was getting worse. I felt like I had reached the point of giving up, lost hope thinking it could get better, figured he wasn’t […]

A Lifesaver

Aloha, Chance from Focused K9’s has been a lifesaver for me, literally. I have adopted two blue heelers from the Humane Society and both have had issues with herding/killing chickens. Through working with Chance, not only have I been able to train & stop my dogs from killing chickens, but truly understand the psychology behind […]

A Best Friend

My daddy has been struggling with Multiple Sclerosis since 2007.We called Focused K9’s Hawaii for Help.Thanks to Chance and Cici I am now a certified mobility assistance service dog with a AKC canine good citizen certificate.I am able to perform tasks for my daddy…my best friend.Picking up anything off the floor he might have dropped […]

Mama’s Story

Meet “Bunny Bear” or Mama as she is affectionately called by the Hawaii Island Humane Society shelter staff.Mama came in as a fearfully aggressive,hairless and toothless stray with 6 puppies.She was devoted to her babies and accepted food,but would growl and cower in her kennel. Once her babies were weaned Mama was enrolled in “New […]

You Can Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

You’ve heard it said, probably said it yourself. “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” NOT TRUE! I was pleasantly surprised, actually amazed how quickly Scooby,my 9 year old,responded to the training techniques.Of course, I had to learn these techniques myself. It’s not difficult.It’s fun,it’s rewarding.I encourage any dog lover to take their best […]