Baby’s New Buddy

Baby’s New Buddy

We adopted Tucker from the humane society when he was 3 months old. After a few months, he started displaying unwanted behaviors and it only seemed that it was getting worse. I felt like I had reached the point of giving up, lost hope thinking it could get better, figured he wasn’t going to grow out of this, the frustration grew and I just wanted to find him another home.

I sought out help with FocusedK9’s cause I just wasn’t quite ready to give up. Since meeting with Chance for the first time, I saw that Tucker was very capable of changing these unwanted behaviors and I didn’t want to give up on him. I was so amazed and wanted more of FocusedK9’s trainings for Tucker.

I was pregnant at the time and worried about a baby coming into our family with an unruly dog. I didn’t want Tucker to have these unwanted behaviors with a baby in the picture. Tucker was immediately enrolled in sessions, then we had him in boarding and training for 6 1/2 weeks. In that time, I had my baby and Tucker returned back to us a completely different dog. He was so well-behaved and very obedient. Chance also went above and beyond to do baby training with Tucker.

FocusedK9’s is truly the best dog trainer on this island and we are so grateful to have had his knowledge and training expertise. It has made a huge impact on our family and Tucker has become an excellent member in our family. I know baby and Tucker will be best buddies. FocusedK9’s is our answer to all of our dog related issues here on the Big Island. Thank you so much!

The Disher Family