Dog Behavioral Modifications

You do want your dog to be well-behaved, self-assured, and a respectful member of the family. Setting expectations and establishing clear communications helps ensure a truly happy coexistence. You must show your dog the house rules and be consistent with them. FK9sH will educate you on how to read your dog correctly and be able to show your dog the wanted behavior, as you extinguish the unwanted one.

NOTE: Any behavior can be made much worse by inadequate training or poor handling. Physical force is never effective and only weakens the bond you’re trying to build.  When using negative reinforcement such as prong collars and/or e-collars these tools make the over all decision for your dog to be obedient, well-behaved and its easy to become dependent on those negative reinforcement training tools. Positive Reinforcement your dog learns to make the right decisions on their own.

FK9sH can come up with in 95% the right curriculum for the rehabilitation of your dogs unwanted behavior. From aggression to separation anxiety, along with the basic chewing, digging, jumping and barking. Using the latest techniques and tools the rehabilitation process is set on Positive Reinforcement. When using positive reinforcement your dog choses to learn the wanted behavior and does it happy. FK9sH starts with a verbal evaluation, a written evaluation and a physical evaluation. Depending on the level of the unwanted behavior is how the sessions are set.

Evaluations  1.5  hour sessions Island Wide

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