FK9sH Clients Club

In our set sessions together you have heard us share how important it is to socialize your dog with other well-mannered and obedient dogs that were trained on positive reinforcement just like yours. From feed back gathered from you the clients, we come to understand that it is not easy to organize a  time with others such as this or find trained dogs. FK9sH has put together a Clients Club, This gathering is for all who have gone through some type of training or behavior modifications with us. Its a great way to socialize your dog with others who have gone through the training, techqniques and informantion as you. The cue’s used by each other helps reinforce each others dogs. Its a Fun and Relaxing time spent with your dog. We encourage all our pet owners and there ohana to interact with their pets in a socialized environment with others. Having fun training and reinforcing obedience.

Pricing is per dog  / 3 hours every 2nd Sunday of every month for 12 months

  • Fun curriculum set for every session. Curriculum’s that are designed by request and or by breeds.                                                      
  • Treats Provided (except for special diet) and Water
  • Place Beds Provided for Session
  • Toys Provided (pull ropes, balls, etc)
  • Our Pack Socialization (FK9sH Demo Dogs)
  • Club size per Sunday is limited to 10 dogs. 

(locations will be posted)