Boarding and Training

FK9’sH offers boarding and training only for our established clients who have been through some type of curriculum with us. Curricula can range from behavior modifications to obedience to service training. The benefits of boarding with your trainer are endless. The cues and obedience that your dog has already learned will be the same cues and obedience shared by the pack your dog will be socializing with while boarding. It is a known fact that dogs learn from observation. Boarding your dog with dogs that do not share the same training will end up unbalancing your dog. We understand that emergencies do arise and/or you take that ohana vacation. Either way you need a trustful and safe place for your pet. You will end up feeling confident and secure while your pet is boarding with their trainer. The results stay consistent and when your pet returns home he or she will have remained that well balanced and obedient dog you worked so hard on.

90% of our boarding and training are house dogs. When boarding with FK9sH we believe house dogs deserve to board in a home. House dogs have a harder time boarding and training effectively if there boarded and trained in outside kennels.

Boarding and Training is available for clients who have begun training with Focused K9’s Hawaii. We offer a 21-day Boarding and Training curriculum for continuing reinforcement of behavior modifications or obedience training. With our positive reinforcement techniques and tools and our balanced pack, we can rehabilitate your dog to a more manageable level for you to reinforce.