Focused K9’s Hawaii is rapidly becoming known on Big Island as the certified trainer to see for unwanted aggression. Through experience we have come to recognize that pet owners are willing to live with unwanted aggression behaviors and/or will try to avoid certain situations or places.

We will equip you with up to date techniques and tools based strictly on positive reinforcement. You will learn how to read your dog correctly, before the aggression happens then be able to show your dog on positive reinforcement how to socialize correctly. The 3 part evaluation process will reveal the core problem of the unwanted aggression and help rehabilitate that problem with a custom curriculum fit to set the dog up for success as well as the owner.  Number of sessions vary with the level of the aggression and the type of aggression.

NOTE: Any behavior can be made much worse by inadequate training or poor handling. Physical force is never effective and only weakens the bond you’re trying to build.  When using negative reinforcement such as prong collars and/or e-collars these tools make the over all decision for your dog to be obedient, well-behaved and its easy to become dependent on those negative reinforcement training tools. Positive Reinforcement your dog learns to make the right decisions on their own.

Pricing is Per Dog.   4 Sessions (1 day a week for 4 weeks – 1.5 hour sessions).