Tsugi’s Last Chance

Our 7 year old Tsugi is a mixed breed. DNA test showed him majority a boxer, among 5 other breeds with smaller % figures. He does not look like a boxer, but his personality seems to be a boxer. He’s a bully! He’s demanding and agressive. He thinks he runs our household and unknowingly, we let him. Tsugi has a history of biting when we upset him or and recently for no reason that we knew. He has bitten me for giving him his pills, for cleaning his ear, and for just being too close when he has food. He has bitten my son and my husband both twice for no reason, my husband’s being the most recent incidents. I called a trainer that we knew in kona and he called Chance. We hooked up with Chance and scheduled behavioral training. After 4 sessions, I am amazed in the change. We changed our living area to accomodate  how we handle Tsugi. He has changed also, that we don’t need to muzzle him and so far no bite incidents have occurred. Where we thought we might have to put him down, Tsugi was given another chance.

Derrick and Diane Shiro                                                                                       Kaumana, Hilo