Prey Drive and Making The Right Choice

During the Summer 2014 we started working with Chance to help us with Pepper’s prey drive towards other animals (mostly our chickens and ducks, but it carries over to others). I like that he comes to our house with his demo dogs and sees what the problem is first-hand. Not only could we watch the correct behavior be demonstrated by Chance’s dogs, but it provides a positive social interaction. From the first visit, Chance demonstrated that Pepper’s behavior could be modified and improved through positive reinforcement techniques. I have read a lot of dog behavior books, watched a lot of videos, but I have never learned so much as I have when we work with Chance, and I learn something new EVERY time. It is a lot of diligent work, there’s no doubt, but if you want to do the right/positive thing for your dog (and your family!) without the use of shock collars and strange no-pull harnesses, I highly recommend Chance. Not only did it help with Pepper’s prey drive, but it helps while in the public and having guests over. All of these techniques can be used for all sorts of situations. I feel more confident now, and my dogs are happier, calmer, and want to do the right thing. When presented with a distraction, they almost always look to me first! “You made the right choice, Pepper! Thank you!” And thank YOU, Chance!

Mike and Rhonda Pollard , Honokaa