Learn From the Best!

We have been clients of Focused K9’s for approximately a year. During this time we have spent countless hours with Mr. Bateman training our dog. Mr. Bateman’s knowledge and expertise has provided us the opportunity to successfully train my daughter’s dog to work as her service animal. The skill and dedication Mr. Bateman has shown through his training program have proven time and again that he has an amazing gift and love for dogs.

During this last year we have found ourselves needing to board our dog at the Focused K9’s facility. Each time we boarded we were informed of the cost upfront. Our dog would be picked up and dropped off by Mr. Bateman, and we were to provide adequate food supply for the entirety of the stay. Boarding would also include daily training sessions as well as free play. We received updates and photos of our dog while boarding so that we could see the work that Mr. Bateman was doing with our dog. Each time we got our dog back we’ve been amazed at the amount of work that had obviously been put in.

Mr. Bateman and the Focused canines facility are a true asset to this island. The love, compassion, and dedication Mr. Bateman has for these animals, the education and behavior modifications, these are all things needed so badly here on our Island. It has been wonderful to watch and learn from the best! 

Loretta Buasriyottiya