Kuma Becomes a Gentle Giant

Aloha All! I am new to this community but I felt compelled to make a shout out to FocusedK9s and spread the word about how Chance has helped us. We wanted a larger type dog, Rottweilers have always had my heart. When we brought Kuma home, he was 7 weeks old and already a hefty 13 pounds. Our little fur baby continued to grow… 145 pounds at his heaviest at 2 years old. He is a gentle giant and didn’t realize his strength. He soon developed habits that we tried to address. We went to a local trainer, whose main training tool was the shock collar and pinch collar. Trusting this trainer, we used this method, sadly Kuma grew more aggressive and difficult to control. We were at our wits end… I even began to contemplate putting him down. A friend of ours told us about this guy that addressed the behavior of dogs and helped her dog be awesome. I reached out multiple times to FocusedK9s on Instagram, the last time I left a voice message with the desperate plea to help us and Kuma. Then we met Chance. He came to our home to meet us and Kuma, even got bit twice, but he knew we needed his help. Kuma stayed with him to have one-on-one time for a total of 41 days. We went to visit him almost every weekend, the change in our boy was evident from our first visit. My God, he was calm, relaxed in his mindset. Chance undid the damage done to Kuma’s mental state when we used the shock and pinch collars. Slowly, this hyper and angry giant became calm and attentive, learning mental exercises to help him be at a higher level of learning. I’m not exaggerating when I say our jaws dropped every weekend we saw him evolve. He finally came home and we are continuing the exercises both mental  and physical that Chance Taught us. We got our Kuma back, the real gentle giant. FocusedK9s and Chance were a Godsend to us. He gets 5 stars, I could go on and on about this, and sorry it’s so long but I needed to get this out for others that find themselves where we were. Call him! Keep calling until you get him. It’s worth it 100%. Much Aloha Mel, Shell, and Kuma!!