Kalo Keha Pitbulls

Our pack is most precious to us. Wholeheartedly, we cannot express all the aloha, and from-the-heart blessings Chance has provided to us. The focus of our engagement was to help me in my desperation with our pack. What Chance did this weekend is beyond words. He not only instilled us with behavior training and relationship strengthening with our dogs he brought healing and relation strengthening for us humans too. His deep concerns was not only about the dogs, but the family unit as a whole. He came to help us fix our whole house. Chance you are beyond awesome with what you do. I couldn’t find the help or anyone else gifted enough to do what you did for us and we will forever be grateful. More so, the progress, balance, and transformation of the dog’s behavior just within a day is mind-blowing! These are not the same dogs that they were before you came. You restored peace and calmness upon us all! Thank you so much and God Bless you!!!! #Ohanabuilding #bestofthebest #professionalism #focusedk9s #weforeverblessed #grateful